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Articles of Association

Chapter I: General Provisions

Article 1 : The group's name is Japan Medical Marketing Research Group (JMMRG), members of the JMRA.

Article 2 : The aim of the JMMRG is to improve the social status and the quality of overall medical marketing research in Japan and to promote the proper understanding of marketing research to pharmaceutical and medical device companies through promoting and raising the awareness of the code of conduct for market research relating to pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Article 3 : JMMRG's main focus is to develop and maintain an environment suitable for conducting medical market research relating to pharmaceuticals and medical devices, which is a common interest for all JMMRG members; and our activities include:

  1. Raising awareness of market research among potential respondents
  2. Raising awareness and understanding of market research among manufacturers
  3. Improving our overall levels as medical market research agencies
  4. Any other activities necessary to achieve the goals of the JMMRG

Chapter II: Membership

Article 4 : A full member of the JMMRG needs to be conducting market research relating to pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and must fulfil the following conditions:

  1. Be a full member or a support member of JMRA, and comply with their marketing research code of conduct and JMRAQS (JMRA Marketing Research Quality Standard)
  2. Conduct market research relating to pharmaceuticals (and medical devices) on a regular basis, and have a dedicated department/division and/or staff(s) in charge of market research targeting physicians.

Article 5 : An applicant for JMMRG membership must follow below application procedures and then approved by the board committee:

  1. Obtain recommendation from at least two JMMRG representative companies
  2. Obtain approval from at least five JMMRG representative companies

(Membership fee)
Article 6 : All members must pay a membership fee of a specified amount.

Article 7 : A member that wishes to withdraw from the JMMRG must submit a notice of withdrawal to the chairman.

Article 8 : JMMRG may terminate the membership of a company if they fall under any of the following conditions, and if more than three-fourths of the members support the termination of that company at a general meeting.

  1. When a member violates any of the JMMRG articles or rules
  2. When a member defames the JMMRG or takes any action contrary to the JMMRG objectives.

Chapter III: Executive Committee Members

(Types and number)
Article 9 : The JMMRG shall have the following executive committee members:

  1. In principle, 5-10 representatives from 5 representative companies
  2. One of the representatives will be appointed as a head of the committee and one or two will be appointed as deputy head of committee
  3. The head of the committee will appoint administrative committee members to perform each of the following duties:
    • Public and external relations
    • Accounting

(Term of office)
Article 10 : The committee members shall hold their roles for two years and may be reappointed.

Chapter IV: Meetings

Article 11 : Meetings conducted by the JMMRG consists of a "general meeting" and a "executive committee meeting", and a "general meeting" consists of "standard general meeting" and a "special general meeting".

Article 12 :

  1. A general meeting shall consist of full JMMRG members.
  2. An executive committee meeting shall consist of committee members

Article 13 :

  1. A general meeting shall be held once a year.
  2. A special general meeting may be held when the executive committee deems it necessary.
  3. An executive committee meeting may be held when the head of the committee deems it necessary.

Chapter V: Accounting

(Composition of assets)
Article 14 : The asset of the JMMRG is composed of income from annual membership fees.

(Asset management)
Article 15 : The asset of the JMMRG is managed by the head of committee, and the method of management is decided at executive committee meetings.

Chapter VI: Auxiliary Provisions

Article 16 :

  1. The JMMRG may establish sub-committees for the purpose of smooth implementation of its tasks.
  2. All necessary matters relating to the sub-committee shall be discussed at executive committee meetings and then decided by the head of committee.

Contents List

Executive Committee of JMMRG

Head of Committee
INTAGE Healthcare Inc.
Deputy Head of Committee
Social Survey Research Information Co., Ltd.
Ipsos K.K.
Committee Member (Accounting)
Macromill Inc
Committee Member (Public and external relations)
Cando Inc.
Committee Member
Rakuten Insight, Inc.

Japan Marketing Research Association (JMRA)

Japan Marketing Research Association (JMRA)